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Magnetic Washer Fan Breeze G5M Kit

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Fresh Smelling Clean Laundry Again!

Washer Fan.  Fix it today.  Fix it for good!™

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→ DON’T Replace your Smelly Washer!
→ DON’T Replace your Stinky Towels!
→ DON’T Replace your Clothing!
→ DON’T Buy Washer Cleaners… EVER!

Do your Towels or Laundry have a Strange, Sour Smell when they get Wet? Your Washing Machine is Full of MOLD!
Washer Fan Can Fix Your Odor Problem!

The Problem is a stinky washing machine, sour-smelling clean towels and smelly clean clothes, especially when they get wet.
The Cause of Washer Odor is Mold
The Solution to permanently eliminate washer odor is Washer Fan Breeze.

Odor in your Clean Towels & Laundry is Caused by MOLD Hidden Inside your Washer!

Why Washer Fan?

Learn more about the Causes of Washer Odor.

Every Washer Can Develop Washer Odor & How Washer Fan Breeze Works

Detergents, Liquid Fabric Softeners, and Other Laundry Products are FOOD for Washer Mold

Washer Mold needs two things to grow deep inside your washing machine where you can’t see it and will stink it up – Food and High Humidity

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Water, especially right after doing a load of laundry, creates a very humid environment inside your washer, which helps feed Washer Mold.

Troy Broitzman, Inventor of Washer Fan

“Washer Fan Breeze produces just the right amount of air (a gentle breeze, NOT a hurricane) to continuously circulate air in your washing machine to reduce the humidity level to below the level where mold can grow.  Install a Washer Fan Breeze today and remove the other source mold needs to flourish, food, and I GUARANTEE your Washer Odor will be permanently eliminated in 21-Days or less and you will Love Your Washer Again!”

Troy Broitzman,
The Inventor of Washer Fan

The Only Permanent Solution for Washer Odor –
Guaranteed in 21 Days or Less!

Love Your Washer Again

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