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→ DON’T Replace your Smelly Washer!
→ DON’T Replace your Stinky Towels!
→ DON’T Replace your Clothing!
→ DON’T Buy Washer Cleaners… EVER!

Do your Towels or Laundry have a Strange, Sour Smell when they get Wet? Your Washing Machine is Full of MOLD!
Washer Fan Can Fix Your Odor Problem!

The Problem is a stinky washing machine, sour-smelling clean towels and smelly clean clothes, especially when they get wet.
The Cause of Washer Odor is Mold
The Solution to permanently eliminate washer odor is Washer Fan Breeze.

Odor in your Clean Towels & Laundry is Caused by MOLD Hidden Inside your Washer!

Why Washer Fan?

Learn more about the Causes of Washer Odor.

Every Washer Can Develop Washer Odor & How Washer Fan Breeze Works

Detergents, Liquid Fabric Softeners, and Other Laundry Products are FOOD for Washer Mold

Washer Mold needs two things to grow deep inside your washing machine where you can’t see it and will stink it up – Food and High Humidity

HG in Troy's Hand

Water, especially right after doing a load of laundry, creates a very humid environment inside your washer, which helps feed Washer Mold.

Troy Broitzman, Inventor of Washer Fan

“Washer Fan Breeze produces just the right amount of air (a gentle breeze, NOT a hurricane) to continuously circulate air in your washing machine to reduce the humidity level to below the level where mold can grow.  Install a Washer Fan Breeze today and remove the other source mold needs to flourish, food, and I GUARANTEE your Washer Odor will be permanently eliminated in 21-Days or less and you will Love Your Washer Again!”

Troy Broitzman,
The Inventor of Washer Fan

The Only Permanent Solution for Washer Odor –
Guaranteed in 21 Days or Less!

Love Your Washer Again

Learn more about Saving with Washer Fan.

Will Washer Fan Work For You?  YES!
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.
Here Are Some Words From Washer Fan Customers…

Conley B Customer Testimonial Photo

We had tried EVERYTHING to eliminate the odor from our front loader washing machine.
The remedies are too numerous to list, but anything that comes up on a Google search, we did.
Now we have no odor.
Simple as that.
The Washer Fan was the answer. Period.

Conley B. , Decatur, AL - Kenmore Front Load Washer
Customer Testimonial Photo

I have one year using this product.
It ended for good my smelly washer!!!
Before I used plenty of odor fighters and nothing…
I want to thank Troy for developing such a simple but useful device that can change
even your relationships because you are going to smell different.

Jacobo Salleh, Mexico - Maytag Front Load Washer

BUY IT NOW, If you think it might be expensive it’s not. I have spent tons of money on tablets, bleach, vinegar, smelly wash powder. NOTHING worked. This did. My clothes and towels smell good again. I was so disgusted by my smelly towels. I was ready to buy a new washer. It was only a few years old. No need for a new washer now. It is like it was when I first bought it. I AM SO HAPPY.
If you are frustrated by mildew smell I want you to know this works!

Jodi Booe , Oceanside, CA - Samsung Front Load Washer
Jenny Burkholder Customer Testimonial Photo

“I, as many others, tried to get the mildew odor out of my front loader washing machine. Nothing lasted more than a few days before the odor was back. I started looking online for a solution and came across the Washer Fan website. I ordered my Washer Fan. It arrived quickly and installed in seconds. And guess what? NO WASHER ODOR since I stopped using liquid fabric softener in conjunction with the Washer Fan! This gadget is well worth the cost for a permanent solution for washer odor!

Jenny Burkholder, Lexington, SC - Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer

This little device is awesome.
It’s quite literally changed our lives.
It works great!
We’re selling our house at the moment and we needed to get rid of the smell before inspections started.
It saved us.”

Stephen O. , New South Wales, Australia - Front Load Washer

Still Not Convinced?  

Here is What the Media is Saying about Washer Fan…

Visit our Washer Fan in the News – Press Page.

Washer Fan Featured on

Forbes Living TV

Please Note:  The NEW Washer Fan Breeze G5M is our Magnetic ONLY version and does NOT come with straps or a bottom cover as 99% of our customers did not want these options.

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“Finally a simple yet permanent solution
for your smelly washing machine.
Washer Fan finally puts an end to washer odor!

Forbes Riley Customer / Press Testimonial Photo

I installed the Washer Fan on my home washer, and it made a HUGE difference. I can’t believe the difference in the smell of my towels, sheets and my kid’s clothes. I really thought it was time to get a new washing machine. You just saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.”

Forbes Riley, Host of Forbes Living TV & Creator of the Spin Gym
Mariette Mifflin Customer / Press Testimonial Photo

“After several years of mold-free operation, it finally caught up to my washer. Smelly towels, a bad odor in the washer and black mold in it. I’ve tried machine cleaners to no avail and finally installed the Washer Fan. It only took a couple of days to have the smell gone and wash loads finally ‘fresh’ smelling. This is no doubt the only permanent solution to washer odor. I’d recommend it to anyone with a washer.”

Try Washer Fan Risk-Free!
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  • Do your Clean Towels or Laundry have a Strange Odor When they get Wet?  Learn more about Life with Washer Fan
  • MOLD, Growing Inside your Washer, Where You Can’t See It, is Causing the Odor!  Learn more about the Causes of Washer Odor
  • Washer Fan is the Only True Fix for Washer Odor – Guaranteed!  Learn more about Saving with Washer Fan

Don’t Replace Your Washer!

FAST! Permanent laundry washer odor eliminator RAPIDLY eradicates pungent, sour, washer mold smell, naturally!

Our Instant Fit Technology means Washer Fan FITS YOUR BRAND of front/top load washer, GUARANTEED!
If it does laundry, it fits!

Does your Washing Machine Smell Bad?
Get your Smelly Washer to Smell like a Clean Washing Machine Again! 

Washer Fan Breeze vs Washing Machine Cleaners Total Cost Comparison for 5 Years

How Does Washer Fan Breeze
Save Me $100s Per Year?

As You Can See, You’ll Save a
MINIMUM 3X-8X’s the
Cost of Washer Fan Breeze

While Permanently Eliminating
Your Washer Odor – 100% Naturally!

Washer Fan Breeze vs Washing Machine Cleaners Total Water Consumed for 5 Years

Learn more about Saving with Washer Fan.

Why Washer Fan is the #1 Choice of Smart Washer Owners