The NEW Washer Fan™ Breeze™ is an easy-to-install, simple-to-operate, permanent solution for washer odor. No more wondering if you are ordering the correct version. The new Washer Fan Breeze comes with magnets and straps, so one Washer Fan fits every washer worldwide - front-load, top-load, HE or traditional!
Why your washer has standing water and how Washer Fan works

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What our Customers are saying…

  • If you are like me and ready to throw your $1000 washer out the front door after three months of owning it because of "the smell" Buy This Fan!! No tools needed and installs in seconds and I noticed a difference in 10 minutes... It's that simple it works!
    Danya R
    Whirlpool Front Load Washer
  • We had tried EVERYTHING to eliminate the odor from our front loader washing machine. The remedies are too numerous to list, but anything that comes up on a Google search, we did. Now we have no odor. Simple as that. The Washer Fan was the answer. Period.
    Conley B
    Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer
  • I had tried everything to get rid of the smell in my washer and was ready to spend a couple grand for a new one when I read about the Washer Fan. I installed it myself it's so easy and I have NO odor at all anymore. Worth every penny! Thank you!
    Kristin F.
    Whirlpool Front Load Washer
  • “WOW...First I can't believe how simple it was to install. Took maybe a minute and a half. Second and most important it is very quite and definitely took care of the problem. I am 70 yrs old and not much impresses me anymore but....I'M IMPRESSED”
    Tom Stoner
    Samsung Front Load Washer
  • After several years of mold-free operation, it finally caught up to my washer. Smelly towels, a bad odor in the washer and black mold in it. I've tried machine cleaners to no avail and last month installed the Washer Fan. It only took a couple of days to have the smell gone and wash loads finally 'fresh' smelling. This is no doubt the only permanent solution to washer odor. I'd recommend it to anyone with a washer.
    Mariette Mifflin -
    Whirlpool Sport Duet Front Load Washer

Total Cost Comparison:
Washer Fan™ Breeze™ vs. Washing Machine Cleaners


Washer cleaners don’t work. The odor will return!

Odor in your washer and clean clothes is caused by mold in the hidden internal parts of your washing machine. Several factors create a breeding ground for mold and odor:

  • Using too much detergent for each load of wash
  • Using any liquid fabric softener
  • High humidity inside your washer


Using the washing machine’s cleaning cycle won’t eliminate the odor because cleaners, either pre-packaged or liquid bleach, come into contact with the odor-causing mold for only a few seconds. The time and money spent “cleaning” the washer temporarily masks the odor, which will reappear within days.

Thoroughly cleaning a washing machine involves more than washer cleaners, or bleach and a cleaning cycle. It requires disassembling the machine to remove and either scrubbing, or replacing the internal drain hose to remove the mold buildup – a time-consuming exercise that is also temporary, because the mold builds up again and the odor will return.

Why does the mold and odor come back? Design limitations in all front and top-load washers allow water to accumulate in the bottom of the drum creating excess humidity. Excessive humidity, too much detergent, and using liquid fabric softener, cause mold and odor.

Washer Fan Breeze is the only permanent solution for washer odor! It continuously circulates dry air from outside the washer through the interior of the machine, which reduces the excessive relative humidity caused by the accumulated water. InstallingWasher Fan Breeze, using less detergent and eliminating the use of liquid fabric softener will rid your washer and clean laundry of all odor!

Washer Fan Breeze has a 100% success rate and is guaranteed to work or your money back within 60 days of purchase.


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