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What Washer Fan Customers are Saying:

Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent product. It was easy to install and works like a charm. The odor is gone! I am happy to recommend it to anyone. Thanks again!

Beth – Electrolux Front Load Washer
Parsippany, NJ, USA

I have used the washer fan on my LG front load washer since purchase (about 6 months) and just had a minor repair done on the unit. The repairman had the cover off and inspected the inside, tub and drain lines. All mold free and of course no odor. I appreciate your product. It works great!

John Ferri – LG Front Load Washer 
Allen, TX, USA

This little device is awesome. It’s quite literally changed our lives. It works great! We’re selling our house at the moment and we needed to get rid of the smell before inspections started – it’s saved us.

Stephen O. –  Front Load Washer 
Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia