Washer odor in your washer and clean clothes, often referred to as Smelly Washer Syndrome™, is a global epidemic that is caused by mold growing in the internal drain hose and parts of your washing machine where you can’t see it.

There are several factors contributing to the odor in your washer and laundry; one factor is adding too much detergent to a load of wash which creates a breeding ground for mold.

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Use only 1 tablespoon (1/8 cup or less) of liquid HE detergent in HE washers. Extra detergent is not necessary to get your clothes clean because most HE washers use only 3-4 gallons for the first cycle, which is for washing – every cycle after that is for rinsing.

Use only 4 tablespoons (1/3 cup or less) of liquid detergent in traditional (non-HE) top-load washers.  Traditional (non-HE) top-load washers use more water for wash cycles than HE washers and it’s necessary to use more detergent.

The overuse of detergent provides a growth medium for mold. Never use powdered soap because it can build up in the internal parts of your washer and may cause mechanical failure. Liquid HE detergent is formulated to be low sudsing for specific use in HE washing machines.

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