Quenby Broitzman

About Quenby Broitzman

Quenby has been with Washer Fan since 2012 and is currently the CEO. She is a Kindergarten Teacher by degree and has been a Business/Franchise Owner, Corporate Trainer and a Pharmaceutical Sales Woman in previous careers. She is married to her soulmate, Troy, and they love being & working together 24/7! Our passion is keeping mechanically sound, but stinky, washing machines out of landfills.

Help! I have a Stinky Washing Machine. How to Stop a Washing Machine from Smelling Bad

Do you have a stinky washing machine? Does your washer smell moldy? Do your clean towels and laundry smell bad when they get wet? Do you miss the smell of a clean washing machine? Are you frustrated because you can't figure out what is causing your washer to stink? Your washing machine has Washer Odor, [...]